Thursday, April 18, 2024


The innovative Flottweg Sorticanter® is designed for the separation of solids by density. The process is aided by a carrier liquid with a specific gravity that is between the densities of the two solid streams to be separated.

The patented Flottweg Sorticanter® consists of a cylindrical conical bowl with a second inner collection cone at the cylindrical end of the machine and a double acting scroll conforming to the inner collection cone.

The bowl and the scroll rotate at a high speed in the same direction, but the scroll rotates at a slightly faster differential speed. The solid-liquid mixture is conveyed through the centrifuge feed

pipe and inlet ports in the scroll body into the bowl and is accelerated to the bowl speed. Centrifugal force causes the solids which are heavier than the carrier liquid to settle against the bowl wall. The scroll conveys the deposited layer of heavy solids toward the conical bowl section, over the drying zone and ejects them through ports into the stationary solids housing and down the discharge chute.

The solids which are lighter than the carrier liquid float and are conveyed with the liquid toward the cylindrical end of the bowl. When the floating particles have reached the inner collection cone, scroll flights, wound in the opposite direction to those conveying sedimented solids, convey the lighter solids across a drying zone to the exit ports. The liquid is skimmed off and discharged under pressure via an impeller at the cylindrical end of the bowl. The liquid may be recycled and
pumped back into the process.

Flottweg Sorticanter® for plastic recycling